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Dr. Koch Traumrealitäten: Property valuation in Vienna

We are your contact for property valuations in Vienna. Thanks to our many years of experience in the luxury segment, we have extensive expertise in the Viennese property market. This enables us to provide a precise and reliable valuation of your property.



Professional property valuation for Vienna

Our ultimate goal is your satisfaction. That's why we use innovative strategies and our many years of experience to regularly achieve the best prices.


Honest valuation of your property

When valuing your property, we take an honest and careful approach in order to achieve the best price for you. With our comprehensive market analysis and expertise, we ensure that the value of your property is realistically assessed.


Free potential analysis to increase value

By exploring the potential of your property and adopting a visionary perspective, we maximise the value of your property. Our experts bring innovative ideas and strategic planning to the table and examine possible subdivisions, conversions or new-build designs.


Clear visualisation of your vision for the future

Our aim is to make the future vision of your property tangible for prospective buyers. Through innovative marketing concepts, appealing visualisations and targeted communication, we arouse the interest of potential buyers and create a desirable image of the possibilities.


Starting with the right price

With our expertise, we set a sensible entry price that positions your property optimally on the market. Based on comprehensive market analysis, consideration of comparable properties and target group research, we find the ideal price to achieve the best possible sales success.

Graph showing the starting price in relation to the time factor when selling a property - the advantage of a property valuation by Dr. Koch Traumrealitäten

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Free consultation

Free consultation

Free and non-binding - personalised and realistic Find out the true value of your property: We offer you customised and honest advice to help you achieve the best possible price for your property. Benefit from our free and non-binding assessment during a personal consultation.



About honesty as a real estate agent

Honesty as a real estate agent in Vienna is of the utmost importance in property valuation. Only through an honest assessment of the property value can we gain the trust of our clients and build long-term relationships. In a short video, Managing Director Christoph Koch explains why honesty is our top priority when it comes to property valuation.


How our property valuation in Vienna works

We take various factors into account to determine an optimal price for your property.


The geographical location, in particular the infrastructure, neighbourhood, attractiveness of the location and proximity to important facilities.


The total area including living space, plot size and number of rooms.


The condition, i.e. state of the building, maintenance, renovation and modernisation.


The quality of the property, including kitchen, bathroom, floor coverings, building services and special extras.

Year of construction

The age and construction of the property, including building standards, architectural style and historical significance.

Energy efficiency

Electricity consumption can be reduced, e.g. through modern insulation and efficient heating and cooling systems.


The current demand for property in the region and type of property.


Advantages through our marketing

With our marketing strategies, we present your property in the best possible light. This gives you a number of advantages:


Higher demand

Effective marketing increases interest and demand for your property. This encourages potential buyers to make higher offers.


Target group-specific marketing

By targeting the right audience, we attract the buyer who appreciates your property and can pay a higher price.


Strengthening your negotiating position

Through skilful negotiation and market knowledge, an experienced estate agent can achieve the best possible sales price.


Save time

Efficient marketing shortens the selling time. This allows us to avoid potential price reductions and keep the sale price stable.


Professional image

Appealing marketing conveys professionalism and trustworthiness. This strengthens the confidence of potential buyers and has a positive impact on the value of the property.


Attractive presentation

Careful staging of the property, for example through home staging or professional photos, increases its attractiveness and therefore also the sales price.


Frequently asked questions


How is the market price determined in a property valuation in Vienna?

Professional property valuations in Vienna use various approaches such as the comparative value method, income capitalisation method or asset value method. Depending on the type of property, the market environment and the available data, a suitable method is used to determine a realistic market value.


What documents are required for a property valuation?

For a property valuation, you will need documents such as an extract from the land register, site plan, development plan, energy performance certificate, floor plans, building documents, rental contracts and other relevant documents. You can find out more details during a free consultation with one of our experts.


How can I make an appointment for a property valuation in Vienna?

To make an appointment for a property valuation in Vienna, you can contact us by phone or use the contact form on our website. After making an appointment, we will inspect your property and then prepare a comprehensive valuation.


What does a property valuation cost?

We offer a transparent and reliable valuation of your property, with no hidden costs. A property valuation by one of our experts normally costs €500 net. If you broker a property through us, a free property valuation is included.